Ease Travel Stress With The Personal Power Plate

By: David Howatson-Begg

The daily commute is an unavoidable part of working life for many of us. For those travelling beyond a daily commute, we know that the airport rush, the flight or the three-hour drive to a hotel all have negative effects on the body. Next, add the post workout aches and pains the morning or two after a distant travel. These are the "gifts that keep on giving", as they never seem to fully leave you. For many people, travelling is a necessary evil, but how do we fight the effects?

We understand that Power Plate usage comes in many different forms and for an infinite number of reasons, ranging anywhere from stress busting to enhancing athletic competition. Our international team of Power Plate educators rack up the miles travelling the globe, which helps us learn about the practicalities of using whole body vibration to combat physical and mental stress and strain.

Find a new best friend on your travels.

Matt Gleed, UK Master Trainer, knows the travelling life far too well, attempting to balance the scales of working hard and the ability to move with ease. Matt works with athletes and individuals from all walks of life, requiring him to carefully juggle his travel/work schedule and his own wellbeing.

"As I travel by car a lot for meetings, to be able to easily transport the Personal Power Plate and take it to the hotel room allows me to stretch after the drive, enhance my flexibility, and re-focus so I don't keep building up hours of stress on tight muscles. As a keen Ironman competitor, I am forced to fit in as much training as I can in a small window of time. I use Power Plate for movement preparation to get me ready to perform and then to recover post workout.

I often need a little vibration and foam rolling the same day as my travels, as well as first thing the next morning; and the athletes I train use Power Plate in similar ways. They want to connect the mind and body more in their own way for the start of a tournament or match to facilitate a higher performance level."

Get Personal

Having his own Personal Power Plate allows Matt and our entire training team easy access to vibration. The negative effects on the body that accumulate from having to travel constantly include dehydration and oxygen deprivation while flying, as well as circulatory restrictions and general tightness or stiffness in muscles and other tissues. Being able to unpack, plug-in and switch on the Personal Power Plate wherever you go can ease these effects through hydrating the tissues, increasing circulation and enabling you to move in any way you choose through 360 degrees. Watch a short video covering some of our favorite pre and post travel movements which we hope will help you stay focused and healthy throughout your next travel journey.

By David Howatson-Begg, Performance Health Systems UK Master Trainer