Fat or Fiction?

By: David Howatson-Begg


The Power Plate Master Trainer community is hit with questions every day regarding all things vibration. We love to speak with users and other trainers from around the world and explain the vast benefits of Power Plate. UK Master Trainer Matt Cottle wanted to answer a particular question he hears regularly regarding weight and fat loss.

Does Power Plate "shake your fat off"?

"Well the answer sadly (for all of us) is no. It is biologically impossible to merely shake away a very cleverly and efficiently stored source of calories from the body. However, Power Plate can be very successfully implemented into a weight or fat loss regime and has been proven to enhance weight loss when compared to non-vibration training".

"Let’s summarize fat storage and loss. The human body sees its fat storage as a kind of savings account with unlimited saving capacity. Each day we are credited with funds (in the form of the foods we eat) and we spend a certain amount each day. Anything left over will be transferred to the savings account for use at a less prosperous time. If we spend more than we are given then we will be required to dip into the savings account to make up the loss."

"Day after day this will result in a gradually receding fat storage. The general recommendation for weight loss is to be 500kcal in deficit each day which will result in around 1lb of fat loss per week. Exercise will increase the spend and a calorie controlled diet will decrease the fund."

How Can Vibration Help?

Matt makes reference to vibration being proven to enhance weight loss and often cites research such as the 2009 study by Vissers et al in which Power Plate, coupled with a calorie controlled diet, reduced abdominal fat. Fundamentally, vibration increases the metabolic demand of activity by increasing the percentage of muscle fibers recruited to perform the exercise. Stimulating the body anywhere from 25 to 50 times per second ramps up the nervous system to send a flood of messages to our tissues. This speed causes the increase in recruitment of muscular tissue thus causing a metabolic hit; more muscles, doing more things more often.

By following the movement strategies covered across our series of blogs, you can start on the path to successful fat loss with Power Plate. Remember, the vibration won’t do all of the work for you. As Matt Cottle said, it does not ‘shake your fat off’ so use vibration while being mindful of the fact that the more you move the more fat you’ll lose.

Reference:Power Plate Training Can Reduce Abdominal Fat in Overweight and Obese Adults

By David Howatson and Matt Cottle