Movement is Essential

By: David Howatson-Begg


My grandmother always used the same phrase every time I acted up, misbehaved or had my hand in the biscuit tin without permission; "Move it or lose it!" still rings in my ears to this day. Those words were a warning signal, which, if unnoticed, would be swiftly followed by a low flying object, usually a slipper that was soft, yet hurled with intent. When I became a health and fitness professional it became apparent this phrase applies to every one of us in relation to our wellbeing, not as an alarm bell, but a motto to live by when approaching exercise. How do we rehabilitate a broken hip? Movement. How do we build strength? Movement. How do we attain possession of the football or maintain our best lap time in the pool? Movement.

Everyone, from our athletes to our aunties, knows the warm-up phase of a workout is vital, however, some people view it as a chore; a time consuming burden that normally involves a quick stretch followed by a piece of cardio equipment to get the heart pumping. The importance of a proper recovery strategy is also something that is grossly underrated and often ignored by those of us who just want to work, work, work when in the gym. At Power Plate UK's top-secret headquarters (in North Acton, London, next to the tube station on the A4000), we know that movement is essential. Be it a circulation booster at the beginning of a training session, or as an antidote to the sitting epidemic we are experiencing across the office-bound world, movement is the key and we are here to help guide you.

Those who have attended any of our courses, workshops or seminars over the last few years will know that I see movement with vibration as music for the body. Every single piece of tissue in your body from skin to muscle, from fat to fascia will move in three planes of motion: forwards and back (Sagittal), side to side (Frontal) and in rotation (Transverse). If we consciously limit our movement by always using fixed machines in gyms, doing static exercises or even avoiding the stairs at work, then we are asking our bodies to operate far from its 100%, burying its potential. But never fear help is here in the form of expert contributors from our team of trainers, who hold over a century of experience in the fitness, sport and rehabilitation industries between us. In a series of regular articles, blogs, vlogs and webinars, our Master Trainer team from around the world, along with our educational partners from the Gray Institute, will be discussing a multitude of different topics, applications, testimonials, and sharing a collective passion for movement, enhancing the lives of others.

We will begin with a focus on what we call the “two bookends of performance” - movement preparation (warm up) and post exercise recovery and massage (cool down), highlighting the amazing ways in which your body can mobilise and recuperate with whole body vibration.

Some of the movements will be new to you, some will be a mere press of your inner reset button to get you moving in ways your body used to do. Luckily you'll have plenty of guidance from us, avoiding the need to learn the complexity of movement the way I had to avoiding a bright purple slipper thrown from the hand of my dear old granny.

By David Howatson, Performance Health Systems UK Master Trainer