Power Plate:The Smarter Solution for a Stronger You

Empowered living

With mental and physical well-being becoming an essential priority, the choices you make and routines you set are becoming ever more important in creating a balanced ‘at home’ lifestyle. With so much change and lack of control in the outside world, you can reduce stress and improve your chances of success by stepping up the structure at home.

Staying motivated to achieve your goals can really be a challenge. Power Plate helps elevate your mood by increasing happy hormones and improving sleep, to up the feel-good factor. This positive experience encourages you to keep going and enjoy each step of your wellness journey.

Smarter Choice

Selecting a solution that checks off multiple health and fitness boxes is the most effective approach to achieving vitality at home. It will help you avoid distractions; stop you from procrastinating over too many choices and help you set clear and achievable targets.

Requiring little to no impact to get results, Power Plate’s vibration technology helps users of all ages and abilities boost their wellbeing by enhancing muscle activation, increasing energy, and optimizing the body’s functions, allowing you to workout smarter.

Stronger You

Creating the physical and mental space to invest in yourself is also key to ensuring the success of your new at-home routine. Power Plate product is a stylish and space efficient addition to any room which invites and reminds you to work out.

With classes OnDemand, individual programming and customized workouts via the free Power Plate app, you can immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing ‘in one’. Results are amplified for small and gentle movements as well as for advanced routines with any of your favorite accessories, like loop bands, kettlebells or dumbbells.

Power Plate products and protocols are used by professional athletes, celebrities, health professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world.