Power TV

by David Howatson-Begg

For almost 20 years, Power Plate has been at the forefront of whole body vibration technology. In that time the fitness industry has evolved greatly. The ways in which people receive and perceive health related content has changed dramatically. With the advent of the Internet and social media there are now millions of options when it comes to consuming this content. The Master Trainer team at Power Plate believes in providing you with information from the most reliable and respected sources we can find.

Getting images and videos poured into your head from social media sources can be a mind-boggling experience. As someone who works in this business even I get confused a lot of the time. The dissemination of information is no longer coming from just the top educators, professors and doctors in our field. When was the last time you read an academic book on fitness?

Following the word of someone who looks good online is a potentially dangerous strategy. That is why we have teamed up with some of the best independent trainers, coaches and mentors in the world to bring you new content at www.powerplate.tv. This online video platform is designed to allow subscribers to stream the most up to date Power Plate training methods to any connected device.

Best In The Business

Allowing the very best educators and coaches to share their strategies has been a game changer in vibration-based workouts. Digging into the marvelous brains of former pro athletes like Richard Tidmarsh and leading coaches such as Tom Eastham will add so much to your current routine. And where better to start than in helping you to Prepare Faster. At present, during the free 90-day trial, you'll get access to a host of short videos based upon improving your mobility, flexibility and preparation to move.

Ninja Recommendation

My first point of call when logging in was to hit up Richard Tidmash's 'Workout Feeling Like A Ninja' post. Rich has over a decade of experience and is arguably one of London's top coaches in both personal training and small group fitness. His Ninja Warrior inspired drills are phenomenal for those who want some next level warm up ideas. Blending the disciplines of yoga, animal flow and traditional conditioning movements, Rich has delivered three preparatory workouts for you to try. I highly recommend these sessions, as they'll provide a lot of new information for our seasoned Power Plate users and act as a bolt of lightening for everybody's mobility.

Go ahead and sign up for your free 90-day trial over at powerplate.tv and open up this treasure chest of information.