Ready To Ride

By: David Howatson-Begg


Indoor cycling is a fantastic way to stay healthy and push your body to the limit. Drawing out those last drops of effort by employing epic music, disco lights and an inspirational instructor, the experience of riding as a group is second to none for many people. One of those people is the renowned personal trainer, and Wattbike Master Trainer, Adam Daniel. Adam's skill as a PT has led him to becoming a Master Coach as well as owning his own facility in the UK. When it comes to indoor cycling, Adam takes a scientific approach in order to leave no stone unturned in terms of boosting performance.

Prepare To Pedal

In the latest Power Plate TV program, Adam showcases his own personal cycling warm up routine. The structure of his preparation allows for any bike user to adjust for their own capabilities and goals. From gentle foam rolling to the 'World's Greatest Stretch' (sounds pretty good), Adam guides you through the plan step by step including vibration settings and durations.

Adam's programming highlights the repetitive nature of cycling and the effect that poor mobility can have on technique. During a typical hour long indoor ride the ankles, knees, hips and the majority of the spine will be predominantly flexing and extending. That extended period of flexion can be combatted with Power Plate pre-ride in order to mobilize, stabilise and activate the whole body. In Adam's video you'll see him work on each of those areas and provide some vital take home messages:

-    Thoracic mobility can be easily overlooked when preparing to ride. With the entire spine shifted forward for up to an hour it's important to use vibration to aid movement.

-    Ankle stability is paramount especially for those wearing cycling shoes. Preparing with Power Plate drives controlled force through the foot and ankle in multiple directions. This readies the joint for the action required when pushing those pedals.

-    Hamstring activation before climbing aboard the bike is necessary to avoid injury. Additionally, that activation ensures that the muscle group can deliver power effectively. Loading the hamstrings on Power Plate fires up the nervous system to increase the level of muscle recruitment and responsiveness.

Following a comprehensive program helps to prepare you for the best ride possible. Even adding just a few of the tips from a Master Trainer like Adam Daniel can boost your performance. Subscribe for free and absorb Adam’s words of wisdom.

By David Howatson and Matt Cottle