Season’s Greetings

By: David Howatson-Begg


2016 has been a phenomenal year for Power Plate and our elite sports community. In baseball, our hometown team The Chicago Cubs won the World Series after 108 years of what we'll call bad luck! Serena Williams dominated in London to win her 7th Wimbledon Championship and a 22nd Grand Slam Title overall. Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo led his country to victory at Euro 2016, won the Champions League trophy with Real Madrid, and was voted World Player of the Year. These elite athletes and avid Power Plate users had a record-breaking year thanks to their natural talent, dedication and whole body vibration training.

The end of the year often means our health and fitness programs take a backseat to make way for friends, family and a lot of food. For those of us who are not regimented pro athletes, it can be tough to maintain our routine around the holiday season. In our hearts, we know Power Plate is the tool to help you take on that challenge, allowing you to Prepare Faster, Perform Better, and Recover Quicker.

Immunity Boost

With festive fun comes festive food and for many of us, the cheer becomes fueled by touches of libations and spirits. All of this added indulgence can reduce the ability of the white blood cells in your body to fight off the bugs and germs, not something you need when winter flu and cold viruses are in full swing. Keeping your Power Plate workouts consistent throughout the holiday season will help to boost your immune system function thanks to an increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage. Try to maintain three vibration-based workouts per week this month to help rid the body of any excess toxins from the inevitable rich foods, overindulgence, and enticing libations.

Festive Cheer

Happy holidays can be made even happier thanks to the increased hormonal activity brought about by exercise and whole body vibration. An increase in endorphins, the "runner’s high", often means we feel better immediately following our workout. This process contributes to feelings of happiness and wellbeing as well as regulating digestion to help our system more efficiently process nutrients. Give yourself a quick 5-minute massage on Power Plate everyday to trigger your sense of relaxation and wellbeing, and treat yourself to post workout bliss.

Those happy hormones combined with the metabolic demand of vibration training can help keep off any extra pounds that may pile on this season and prepare you to take on a happy and healthy 2017!

To all Power Plate users in our global community, we wish you the very best holiday season and a Happy & Healthy New Year!

By David Howatson, Performance Health Systems UK Master Trainer