Power Plate is a Natural Way to Build Healthy Bone

Power Plate Has Been Shown To Reduce Bone Loss &  Improve Bone Density

Exercising on Power Plate can help build bone mineral density, and prevent bone mineral density loss, by inducing osteogenic - or bone rebuilding - effects to the bone via the muscle and tendons. This is essential to the stimulation of bone mineral growth. It can be used by people of all ages and physical abilities to help make and keep bones healthy. 

In this study results proved whole body vibration produces positive results: strength increased as much as 16% in upper leg muscles, while bone density at the hip increased by 1.5%. In addition, the whole body vibration group showed an improvement in postural control and balance, increased muscle strength and lean mass, while losing body fat and fat mass.

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Osteoporosis occurs in 1 out of 3 women who are of perimenopause and menopausal age. Women diagnosed with osteoporosis are at increased risk of bone fractures due to simple bumps and falling. 

To counteract the risk factors, weight bearing exercise is a prescribed antidote to help osteoporotic women. Through the research of Julius Wolff, a German anatomist and surgeon, we learn that the human body can adapt and replace bone tissue through loading. In fact, the biological principle of Wolff’s Law describes that bone remodels along the lines of stress.

But not all ‘loading’ is created equal, and not all osteoporotic women can lift heavy loads to initiate bone remodeling. This is where Power Plate can be a huge benefit.

The rhythmic harmonious vibration of the Power Plate stimulates reflexive muscle activations. Your muscles, attached to your bones via tendons and ligaments, contract and pull on the bones. This pulling force is a stress that helps to initiate bone remodeling. 

Reflexive muscle activations happen rapidly on the Power Plate. For example, setting the plate to vibrate at 30Hz for 30 seconds, stimulates 900 potential muscle activations. Compound that with 5-10 movements for 30 seconds each at 30 Hz and a lot of good stuff is happening!

Power Plate is a phenomenal tool to incorporate into a weight bearing exercise program, without requiring you to lift a lot of extra weight. The vibration increases the load and forces to the bone tissue, without predisposing you to injury. A win win!

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