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The global leader in targeted and whole body vibration technology brings you a new, virtual coaching experience direct to your home. Whether you are new to Power Plate products and looking to fast track your progress or a regular user / owner looking for inspiration, some new ideas or have a specific goal to achieve we have a tailored solution for you.

Our international coaching team have extensive experience and expertise with Power Plate and all aspects of human movement, fitness training, strength & conditioning, injury prevention and post-rehabilitation, and will tailor sessions to meet your goals and your preferred movement style.


What we offer with Power Plate Virtual Coaching

Power Plate

 Virtual Education & Coaching Sessions 


Learn more about whole body or targeted vibration, give you inspiration or get you started on the right path.


How to integrate Power Plate with other equipment in your home gym.


How to use Power Plate products for recovery and


The Live Experience

We partnered with Remote Coach to bring the complete solution for mobile personal training and coaching, with HD live video sessions and real time feedback and data tracking of heart rate zones.

Power Plate Virtual Coaching

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