Preventative Exercise (Prehab)

by David Howatson-Begg

Every year the fitness world builds toward what's going to be fresh and on trend in the next 12 months. One of this years top fitness trends is preventative exercise or 'Prehab'. As people are becoming more aware of their daily stresses and the effects of intense exercise we see a shift in attitude. Relaxation is more valuable and allowing our bodies to recover seems to be finally taking priority.

The prehab trend has only become mainstream in the last few months due in part to more high profile trainers and boutique clubs running specific sessions built around injury prevention. The traditional marketplace demand was for coaches with skills in rehabilitation. Now there is a shift toward movement based sessions aimed at better preparing clients to deal with their physical stresses.

Old Is New

Power Plate put this type of message out there a long time ago and our education partners at the Gray Institute go even further back in their call for more preventative strategies. We know that vibration coupled with three-dimensional movement is the ideal solution to prepare faster but where to start?

In previous articles we've explored a few of those strategies, which work on preparing for common workout programs or hitting a specific body part. However, we wanted to offer a clearer picture of this type of preparatory exercise. Clearer in that it offers an easy-to-follow whole body solution from head to toe and vital information when it comes to your own personal prehab.

It's often true in fitness that old is new. Mobility and flexibility programs have been around for centuries but this time around it appears to be a trend that'll stick. Some of the world's leading doctors, therapists and coaches combine and share their knowledge through the Gray Institute so it's only right that we bring that level of expertise to your daily Power Plate routine. At Power Plate TV, Dr. Rich Colosi uses his vast experience as a physical therapist to apply vibration to whole body preparation. His phenomenal mobility movements take less than 3 minutes to perform and will have your body singing in no time.

Without a preventative process in place our workouts are likely to be adding to our stress. Dehydration of our tissues, fatigue, build up of toxicity, loss of mobility and injury are issues seen far too often by far too many people working out to stay healthy. Gritting of teeth and foam rolling in pain only increase our discomfort.

Prehab may be a trending buzzword to some, a hashtag or a fleeting headline. But never underestimate the power of prevention. Don't wait for the aches and pains to take over before you stretch or massage. Get ahead of the game with Power Plate and prevent pain. The future you will be very grateful.