Project Personal Recovery Part One

By: David Howatson-Begg


With a decade of experience utilising whole body vibration, I have seen just about every application: yoga, weight lifting, boxing, Tai Chi, Pilates, postnatal, MMA and a dozen other disciplines in which Power Plate is the participants' #1 tool of choice. In whichever form you allow whole body vibration to enhance your wellbeing, a few constant threads can be seen throughout. One of these constant factors is a magical word, a word that makes us all smile and turn to goo at the very thought of it...massage. What a wonderful thing, a luxury which few people have access to but each and every one of us deserves - a little comfort, restoration and relaxation in our lives. To guide your journey toward personal recovery using vibration, I've put together a list of my top 5 tips to get the most out of your Power Plate massage:

  1. Be Consistent - Doing as little as five minutes of massage with vibration can be extremely beneficial. We all have only a small amount of time to spare in our day. After each workout, set aside time to start the recovery process. Make it your personal habit.
  2. Be Specific – Target the spots which have taken the brunt of your training session, especially for those of us short on time. Lifters get the blood flowing through your hips and glutes; runners hit those hips. And we all deserve a back massage!
  3. Be Hands On - Adding some gentle pressure to an area can target vibration through the deeper tissues. Upon release, compression provides blood flow elevation and lymphatic drainage.
  4. Be Boldly Creative - Using additional tools with vibration, such as rollers and trigger point balls may add a level of discomfort during use but the level of mobility and circulation returned to the tissues could make all the difference in your recovery. Don't spend any longer than 10-15 seconds on tender spots to avoid overworking the tissue, and make sure that discomfort never becomes’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, and sometimes less is significantly more!
  5. Set For Success- Selecting the correct settings will differ from individual to individual, so base your decision primarily on comfort. Where applicable, using the highest frequency of 50Hz and a high amplitude (G-Factor 8) may provide a very significant circulatory increase, but use your own judgment for tolerance and comfort. Note: at that level mild tingling and heat are normal sensations!

As a final note, please remember to consider any past or new medical conditions, injuries or impairments you or your client may have before applying any additional pressure on tissues with hands or tools. Used in the correct way, assisted massage with vibration can be a phenomenal way to aid your recovery. In part two I'll demonstrate how to take Power Plate massage to the next level adding some dynamic movements that are sure to keep a smile on your face.

By David Howatson, Performance Health Systems UK Master Trainer