by David Howatson-Begg

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Health and fitness facility owners live by one thing. Retention. The ability to deliver the best possible service to members, clients or patients is the ultimate goal. Companies regularly send employees to seminars and online courses based upon that fundamental target of retaining customers.

Power Plate may be the best-kept secret in your facility. An untapped resource that allows trainers to educate and inform like no other. Here are just a few ways in which Power Plate can help keep customers returning time and time again:

1 - Personal Touch

Power Plate does not rely on the user being in a specific position. Too often members get put into fixed resistance 'machines' which dictate the plane of motion and range of motion. The ability to move freely is something the body craves. A good coach or personal trainer sees that every client is different. Different in their needs, different in their minds and different in their movement. Power Plate can be prescribed in anyway the client requires to fit their needs. Personalization is that added value we love as customers.

2 - Interaction

Vibration often needs explaining. The majority of equipment we come across in fitness is intuitive but with Power Plate there is a need for education. To open a customer's eyes to their exercise options, the trainer needs to interact and inform. Firstly, the client gains knowledge that can help them progress with a little freedom as they learn to try new movements. Secondly, the trainer is confirmed as the person who holds that greater level of knowledge. Trainers need to be that 'go to' person; otherwise customers rely on other gym goers, social media and other unqualified sources. That personal interaction builds trust and consequently boosts retention.

3 - Results

Realistic expectations can often be lost when people join the gym. We want instant gratification and fast results. The Holy Grail for a coach is matching that expectation. Vibration training facilitates small successes in every session with my clients. They walk in the building tired or tight and I can wake their body up in seconds with vibration: "I feel better". That personal best deadlift was a killer but after a Power Plate massage on quads and lower back: "I feel better". If customers can walk out of your facility feeling better than they did when they walked in...BINGO. I don't know of any other tool that allows me to unlock my client's hip, gives them the ability to lift heavier weights, then relax all in one session.

Those small successes every day are what make a client come back time and time again. Whether people want to look better or perform better it's an undisputed fact that we all want to feel better. Personalizing programming to fit the needs of every individual is easy with Power Plate. Interacting and educating members is necessary and easy with Power Plate. Making customers feel successful in every session, thus driving them ever closer to their goal, is easy with Power Plate. Retention is made that little bit easier with Power Plate.