Simple Ways To Reduce Stress With Power Plate

Stress. Such a small word yet such a significant impact on our lives. The human body is constantly responding to stress. How we look, feel and function is directly correlated to how we respond to internal and external stressors placed upon us whether they be mental, emotional, social, physical, or spiritual. One of the greatest benefits to whole body vibration and Power Plate is its capacity to promote instant recovery, thereby creating greater resiliency to stress.
Power Plate is scientifically proven to:
  • Increase blood and lymphatic flow, providing tissue hydration and flushing.
  • Decrease pain and soreness, markers of inflammation and stress hormones.
  • Stimulate and up-regulate the PNS (rest and digest system)
  • Restore flexibility and mobility

3 simple ways of integrating Power Plate into your daily routine are: Soft tissue work: 30 – 60s of Targeted Vibration, 1 set per tissue / area Massage: 1 – 2 mins at 40Hz / high amplitude, 1 set per tissue / area Mobility: 30 – 60s, 30Hz / low amplitude, 1-2 sets per movement

Scott Hopson gives tips on how to reduce stress using Power Plate