5 Workouts That Will Help You Ease Into an Exercise Habit

"PlateFit is the workout that has the potential to be the next SoulCycle, without the repetition and the life-affirming mantras. It uses something called a Power Plate, which is basically exactly what it sounds like: a giant plate with a patented vibration technology that literally shakes you up as you work out. An instructor will lead you in a series of moves, from planks and jumping jacks to lunges and yoga moves on this vibrating plate, which has the power to spur 900 muscle contractions in just 30 seconds—in other words, it promises amplified results. The classes have a variety of themes, from yoga to cellulite-busting, and the best part is they’re only 27 minutes long. I tried this workout and got through the whole thing without questioning my sanity or mentally swearing off working out forever—and was as sweat-drenched afterward as I was after my first Pop Physique class. I can’t recommend this class more, and look forward to going back."