Amp Up Your Workout Routine With Vibration Training

Power Plate is the focus of Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin's latest blog, titled "Amp Up Your Workout Routine With Vibration Training". Dr. Franklin is an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Health and Wellness expert and Blogger and participated in a personal Power Plate workout session at Chicago's East Bank Club. She worked with EBC trainer Maureen Wagner who is their top Power Plate expert. Wagner put Dr. Franklin through a whole series of workouts including traditional resistance exercises, isometric iterations, interval work, stretches and ended the session with the relaxing Power Plate massage settings. Dr. Franklin goes into detail on each set of workouts she was guided through and really communicates how much the "whole body vibration training" enhances these moves. Dr. Franklin touts "While these exercises weren’t at all new to me, the actual incorporation of vibration is what made all the difference."