Are You The Parent Of A Young Athlete? A Tip To Help Reduce Injury, Improve Performance

Did you know that the top strength and conditioning coaches for university and pro sports teams use Power Plate with their athletes? 

94% of American professional football teams, 87% of pro baseball teams and 70% of pro basketball teams use Power Plate. Many top rugby teams use Power Plate. Sports training center IMG has dozens of Power Plates throughout their campus. Top football teams throughout Europe use Power Plate. (read the full list of teams here.)

Why do they use our technology? 

1) Warmup before practice, training and competition.  The 3D engine inside every Power Plate drives on average 1200 vibrations every 30 seconds. These waves can very quickly warm up muscles, loosen tendons and get the body ready to move and react.  These very precise harmonic waves are "intensely comfortable."   The 3D engine produces harmonic waves in 3 dimensions at once, which is very comfortable for the body.  This comfort is the key to what makes Power Plate unique.  Power Plate feels good while it relaxes the body. 

2) Recovery after training, practice and competition.  This is critical to help prevent injury.  The intensely comfortable 3D  harmonic waves help to improve blood flow to the muscles of a tired athlete.  This blood flow to the muscles and tendons helps to jumpstart the healing process.  Lactic acid is removed, levels of natural growth hormone increase at greater than 4x and the muscles start to heal much more quickly.  New research shows that Power Plate use after exercise helps to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness by more than 40%. 

3) Some top strength and conditioning coaches rely more on Power Plate and less on strength training during the season. Effective weight training creates tiny muscle tears which need to heal.  This might not be ideal during the season. With Power Plate, athletes can continue to work on strength and also warm up and recover.

At the most intense setting, the harmonic waves from the 3D engine help to massage the body.  As the parent of an athlete you know how critical massage is to performance and injury prevention. Adding Power Plate to regular massage can give the athlete a big advantage. 

For many athletes an effective injury prevention strategy can mean all the difference and help the athlete break out to higher levels of performance. 

Serena Williams once said "On tour, playing back-to-back matches is tough on your body.  Being ready the next day is the difference between winning or losing.  If I can accelerate the recovery and healing process, I have a definite advantage.  With my Power Plate, I have that advantage." (source).

How does one get started with Power Plate? 

Our introductory model with the same 3D engine is the Personal Power Plate. At 35 pounds it is portable and can be put in a car.  The Power Plate MOVE is our most popular home model and can be used by every member of the family. (Even the dogs and cats!).  Many Pro sports teams use the Pro 5 and the Pro5HP.  Elite gyms like Lifetime and Equinox make the Pro7 available to their members.   These can all be purchased on our website for home use.