Busy day? Get fit quickly with London's mini fitness classes

The first appears on Standard.co.uk, in the lifestyle section, in an article highlighting London's mini fitness classes. Within the article, Power Plate studio Good Vibes is highlighted as a place to go for quick workouts if you're short on time. The text reads as follows:

"Pre-HIIT, the go-to for quick workouts was power plates and it's still one of the best ways to work out if you're short on time. Nahid de Belgeonne, from Good Vibes, says: "You can get great results in shorter time but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to flog your body to do it. Sometimes a HIIT class can cause injury to joints but this is effective because your body weight is amplified on the plate so that you are working more efficiently, using more muscles fibres in each exercise. Your muscles lengthen and contract between 30 and 40 times a second."