How To Increase Collagen In Your Joints, Muscles, Skin (Using Exercise)

Many people know that drinking collagen peptides helps to increase collagen levels in the body.  But did you know that certain forms of exercise also help increase collagen?

Here is a quick rundown of some science that helps to explain how this happens.

1) It is well established that Whole Body Vibration can increase levels of Natural Growth Hormone (GH) in the body by a measurable and meaningful level. Between 400% and 2600% in a range of different studies. (source).

2) It is also well established that once GH levels increase like this, collagen production inside the body goes up.  Also to a measurable and meaningful degree. 

This particular study measured different types of tissue in the body and found that increased levels of GH led to increased levels of Type 1 Collagen and Type 3 Collagen in tendons and skeletal muscle.  This study showed increased level of Collagen in the skin after an increase in GH. 

==>> What we find interesting is that Type 3 collagen is considered the softer "youth" collagen.  We have Type 3 when we are young, and as we get older, the firmer Type 1 makes up 80% of our collagen.   

For those of you who have been around the skin care discussion, you know that increases in Type 3 collagen lead to increased skin elasticity, hydration and firmness. (source). 

What Does This All Mean? 

1) When you use a Power Plate, you are likely to increase levels of Growth Hormone in your body, naturally.  (Other forms of exercise and also Sauna use also increase GH levels).

2) This is going to lead to some level of increased collagen production in your entire body.  Everyone will be different in terms of the exact effects. 

We are writing this down for you because this idea presents yet another reason to use Power Plate Whole Body Vibration. 

More collagen in your joints, tendons and connective tissue is going to keep your body working, more comfortably. 

More collagen in your skin is also a great motivator to start the Power Plate habit in your home or at the gym.   You'll feel good immediately, and you'll be motivated to "bring your workout to the Power Plate" to get these wonderful benefits. 

The Power Plate can help even the most sedentary individuals make their body work better.  The more you can bring to the equation, the more exercise there is to be amplified and accelerated.

How does one get started with Power Plate? 

Our introductory model with the same 3D engine is the Personal Power Plate. At 35 pounds it is portable and can be put in a car.  The Power Plate MOVE is our most popular home model and can be used by every member of the family. (Even the dogs and cats!).  Many Pro sports teams use the Pro 5 and the Pro5HP.  Elite gyms make the Pro7 available to their members. These can all be purchased on our website for home use.