How To Use The Power Plate To Improve Your Training. Step up to the plate to enhance your warm-ups, workouts and recovery sessions

The article incorporates expert comments from Steve Powell, as well as Claire Finlay from Transition Zone and describes what Power Plate is and what the benefits are, including “a reduction in pain, an increase in strength, power and flexibility, and enhanced metabolic demand and reduced swelling and muscle soreness, promoting quicker recovery between training sessions and from injury.”
The piece also advises what kind of training you can use Power Plate for such as floor-based exercises like squats or planks, as a warm up before running or lifting weights, or integrated into a strength training workout or functional training session. Powell also says “Vibration can also be used to promote recovery and regeneration in a few short minutes after a workout. Not only does the massage elicit the physiological benefits of blood flow, improved lymphatic drainage and reduction in muscle soreness, it feels amazing and is a great way to relax the nervous system.”
The article closes by mentioning the free Power Plate app which offers a variety of resources to help the end user utilise Power Plate effectively including introductory videos, classes and general training tips.

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