Personal PowerPlate Brings Relief to Residents

The article centers around Susan Ramage, a woman with impaired mobility after a motorbike accident left her with seven spinal fractures, an incomplete spinal cord lesion and spinal cord bruising. In addition, she recently had an ankle injury. Because of this, even three years after her accident, climbing a flight of stairs or walking around the house was a challenge for her.

But Susan wanted to climb Mount Maunganui. With that goal in mind, she began twice-weekly Power Plate sessions at Recharge Physio, inside Unichem Faulkner's Pharmacy. She used the Power Plate rehabilitation sessions to activate her neuromuscular system, strengthen her legs, help her balance and proprioception, and develop her endurance. After five months of hard work, determination, and perseverance, Susan conquered the Mount Maunganui summit.

Susan's physiotherapist Jayden Nixon says "Power Plate is a fantastic rehabilitation tool with scientifically proven benefits in strength, balance retraining, pain control and recovery".