Resistance training: Why not make your body weight work for you?

Power Plate is highlighted in an article titled "Resistance training: Why not make your body weight work for you?" on The article focuses on personal trainer, and owner of Body By Benyik, Danielle Benyik and her belief that you don't need bulky dumbbells or complicated machines to get stronger. In fact, there are a few current trends and products that make it more fun for those who might be intimated by weights and weight machines – and more effective.

One of those those trends is Power Plate. "It's one of my favorite things," said Danielle who uses Power Plate during personal training sessions with her clients. "You can do absolutely anything on it." "People come in and ask to use the Power Plate to stretch," she said. "Everybody feels good on it and everybody sees results." "Whatever you would feel when not on the plate, you're going to feel it 25 to 50 times more," said Benyik, whose gym is run by appointment only. "Not 25 to 50 percent more -- 25 to 50 times more."

Another trend highlighted is TRX. "The two systems even work well together, Benyik has found. "Once you get to a more advanced level, you can do TRX on the Power Plate," she said. "Anything you do, if I throw you on the Power Plate to do it, it intensifies it 25 to 50 times more."