Sculpt a Gladiator Physique with Power Plate

Power Plate is featured in an article titled "Sculpt a Gladiator Physique with Power Plate" on the Footballs and Stilettos website. The writer participated in Caroline's 'Train Like A Gladiator course in Sydney last year and interviewed her afterward about the technology behind Power Plate, the benefits of using Power Plate, how to workout with Power Plate, and why Caroline has been an advocate of the brand for over 12 years.

The piece parts off by saying "Dual-international athlete and former UK Gladiator, Caroline Pearce has been an advocate of Power Plate for over 12 years, and with good reason. After suffering a serious knee injury at the height of her athletic career, and subsequent muscle wastage, Caroline was open to all methods of rehabilitation, and none were more effective than Power Plate. Caroline felt deep contractions inside muscles, which had essentially been switched off, and became fascinated with both the technology and a relatively new company at the time. This fascination turned into passion, and a long-lasting relationship was born."

The article also outlines Caroline's Train Like A Gladiator workouts, which focus on strength, endurance, and flexibility and says "Inspired by the way she trained as an athlete, Pearce knows how to get results in terms of short recoveries, rotating body parts and achieving a high metabolic effect, all whilst keeping it fun."