Shake Up Your Workout with a Power Plate

Online wellbeing magazine, Hip & Healthy posted and article, "Shake Up Your Workout with a Power Plate". The article highlights the ever increasing desire for people to get fit in less time and how boutique studio Movers & Shapers can help accomplish this with just two 30-minute Power Plate classes per week. The writer says "In short, it's efficient and effective – two words that we all love when it comes to fitting exercise into our busy lives" and "In the past, I've achieved excellent results using a Power Plate, so I was very keen to get back on one. The 30-minute class flew by as we moved quickly from one toning exercise to the next, always using a different muscle set to avoid fatigue but maintain the burn. And because the class size is small, everyone gets a bit of one-on-one attention. By the final minute – a gruelling deep squat holding a medicine ball between my thighs – I was gritting my teeth. But then followed a blissful two minutes of massage on a higher frequency to help flush out the lactic acid."