Spy.com Gives Excellent Reviews of Power Plate Products

Spy.com features Power Plate products in the article “Review: Power Plate Tools Brings Targeted Vibration to Your Fitness Routine”, and include the Pulse, DualSphere, and Mini+. 

Pulse "It's sound-proofed motor will keep any of its four intensity settings rolling for about four total hours of run time on a single charge. The Power Plate Pulse kit arrives with six different massage attachments, including small flat, large flat, fork, thumb, small ball, and big ball. The type of injury, soreness, tightness, and muscle targeted dictates which massage head is in order. It’s easy enough to swap heads on the fly.  The free Power Plate app offers both workout routines and ways the Pulse massage gun can aid in post-workout recovery for the serious athlete."

DualSphere "Our favorite product coming out of Power Plate is easily the DualSphere. About the size of a Nerf football and shaped like an oversized silicone peanut, the DualSphere has a groove running down its middle. That shape allows the user to position it against an elbow, under a knee, along the shoulders, etc. The contoured surface helps keep the device in place, while three intensity settings send the right vibration level through the injured or sore body part. As one of the most affordable Power Plate recovery options, the DualSphere could become a trusted companion — easing pain at home and on the road."

Mini+ "Half the size of the Pulse, the Mini+, it includes two interchangeable massage heads and a rechargeable battery that offers five hours of use per charge. When it’s time to juice up again, the USB-C connector lets you plug into power conveniently. Finally, its compact size is a benefit for travel use. For the size, it does pack a might nice wallop for the price."