T12 Paraplegic Learns To Walk After Car Accident With The Help Of Power Plate

Derek's Story

“I was beginning to feel muscles that I hadn’t felt since the accident...  What once was difficult, now is becoming easier.”

This is how one man transformed his tragic story into a new chapter of hope through the power of recovery and determination. Growing up in Maui, Derek Delgado lived a very active life. He enjoyed soccer, dirt bike riding, water sports, and roller hockey. Until one day, everything changed. In early 2019, Derek was involved in a horrific, life-altering car accident. As a result, he suffered innumerable injuries, including a broken back and severe nerve damage. He was diagnosed as a T12 complete paraplegic, with no sensation or mobility from the waist down, and was given a 0% chance of ever walking again.

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After years of learning to live life wheelchair bound, he began to notice some sensation returning back to his legs and began physical therapy. However, he felt like he was making little progress with standard therapy, and Derek was determined to get back on his feet on his own. His muscles were still severely atrophied and the lack of circulation kept his legs purple from the knee down. Fortunately, he then met Mark Curreri, owner of All Terrain Fitness. Mark introduced Derek to Power Plate’s Whole Body and Targeted Vibration products: the Personal Power Plate and DualSphere. Immediately, Derek began to see improvements in the blood flow circulation of his legs within minutes, bringing their normal colour back; something that he hadn’t been able to acheive in over 2 years.

He dedicated the next few months of his efforts to vibration therapy and exercise routines centered around Power Plate. Derek made great progress in a short amount of time; from being able to lift his legs on his own, to standing unassisted for up to 15 seconds. And just before Christmas 2021, he was even able to take his first steps since the accident using a walker. 

Derek says “I was beginning to feel muscles that I hadn’t felt since the accident. Things were engaging where they hadn’t before. What once was very difficult, is now becoming easier. I have progressed so much in such a short period of time. I am now able to stand on my own and walk with a walker. I have a ways to go before I reach my goal of walking unassisted, but I am confident that as I continue to use Power Plate and put in the hard work, I will soon realize that goal. I only wish I had been introduced to Power Plate, and Mark, earlier in my recovery.”