The Many Health Benefits of Whole Body Vibrational Training

Dr. Mercola recently posted an article on his website titled "The Many Health Benefits of Whole Body Vibrational Training". The piece highlights the many uses and benefits of WBVT without taking up any extra time and points out that Power Plate is his favorite vibrating platform and the one he has been personally using for several years. The topics discussed in the article include:
  • How WBVT Training Can Help The Mobidly Obese
  • Adding Another Dimension To Your Regular Workout Routine
  • How Does WBVT Work?
  • Health Benefits of WBVT
  • Power Plate – A Valuable Exercise Tool For The Elderly
  • Enhancing Your Workout Routine With Power Plate
  • Post-Workout Relaxation With Power Plate

There are also two great videos with demonstrations by Jill Rodriguez, one of Dr. Mercola’s personal trainers.