Leap Fit and Power Plate® unveil world’s first Power Plate REV® studio

Leap Fit Studio in Dalston, London, UK, has partnered with Power Plate® to create the world’s first REV studio, delivering unique vibration-enhanced Revolution group cycling classes. 

Owned by three-time British long jump champion JJ Jegede, Leap Fit positions itself as ‘The home of progress’ – a commercial performance studio that attracts elite athletes and members of the public alike, with a strong focus on results via tailored workouts, nutritional advice and personalised support.

The studio’s latest performance-centric innovation launched this month: a Power Plate REV studio that’s now delivering “a seriously enjoyable group cycling class with added revs, literally”.

The new class space features 13 Power Plate REVs – a unique bike launched recently, where patented VibeShift™ Technology delivers consistent, safe, precise, predictable vibration through the pedals to maximise workout intensity.

When compared to a traditional fitness bike, the REV increases muscle activation in the calf by 43 per cent, hamstring  by 144 per cent, quad by 167 per cent and glute by 138 per cent. Research by the Centre for Sports Science & Human Performance at the University of Greenwich, UK, also found that the REV increases oxygen uptake and significantly accelerates calorie burn.

“The Power Plate REV is a wonderfully flexible product. It’s sold primarily as a performance bike for the gym floor, but the ability to switch in and out of vibration mode also makes it a great choice for a group cycle class with a difference,” said Iain Murray, Power Plate VP UK & Ireland.

“It’s the perfect fit for a studio such as JJ’s, where elite level expertise underpins the commercial delivery of performance training; it’s really exciting to be involved in a project where these two worlds overlap.

“We’re absolutely delighted to partner with Leap Fit Studio in the creation of this world-first group cycle concept.”

Jegede added: “I’ve used Power Plate products for years now and was invited to take part in filming for the launch of REV. The moment I got on the bike, I knew it was going to be a game changer. I never planned to have a cycle area at my gym, but this machine made me re-evaluate. I didn’t just want a couple of REVs on the gym floor. I wanted a whole studio.

“I’m thrilled to bring this brand new concept to our members – a proven way to maximise muscle tone and performance gains from indoor cycling, all wrapped up in an engaging class format – and incredibly proud to be the first in the world to do this.”