New gym franchise partners with Power Plate to offer recovery to members

 LONDON – May, 2021 – Power Plate and Xcelerate Gyms work together to offer a full recovery service to members across all sites.

Rising out of the pandemic, Xcelerate Gyms are repurposing and restructuring high streets and retail spaces into a series of new opportunities in prime town and city locations across the UK.

As retail landlords work to create new multi-purpose sites to offer more leisure facilities alongside traditional retail and hospitality, Xcelerate Gyms will take a full 360 degree view of members health, fitness and wellbeing to give them support, tools and advice from world leading experts - creating ‘best in class’ health and fitness hubs that are centred around local communities, as individuals and families focus on their health, wellbeing and fitness.

Power Plate has worked closely in partnership with Xcelerate Gyms to develop a new pioneering recovery room, bespoke to the brand, supporting the clubs strategy to empower all members irrespective of their fitness levels and help them unlock their potential.

Each site will incorporate a recovery room and depending on size and layout they will have one of the following three options -

 The Drive package includes 1 x Power Plate Pro7 and 3 x each Targeted Vibration Products (Power Plate® Pulse™, Roller™ and Dualsphere) along with 3 lumbar support cushions

The Momentum package includes 2 x Power Plate Pro7,  5 x each TVP as above and a silver sports recovery massage chair

The Velocity package includes 3 x Power Plate Pro7, 5 x each TVP as above and a gold sports recovery chair

Iain Murray, Sales Director, Power Plate UK says Recovery is now something to be actively pursued. It’s become a destination, an undertaking and an experience in its own right. We are delighted to be partnering with Xcelerate Gyms where Power Plate whole body and target vibration products will feature in every club to help empower health and enhance rejuvenation for members.”

 The first Xcelerate club to open is Edgware and with membership sales exceeding expectations, and a number of other locations in the pipeline, Xcelerate Gyms are now recruiting for new franchisees across the UK.

 Product Director and former GB athlete Ashley-Faye Helsby says “At Xcelerate we want to create a positive experience for members, and by creating new habits and making recovery an everyday activity, we want to provide members with access to all the key components of recovery including; sleep therapy, nutritional coaches, performance psychologists, pediatric scientists, mobility experts, and strength training coaches, giving a full 360 degree approach to health, fitness and wellbeing.”

About Xcelerate Gyms

Xcelerate Gyms takes a full 360 degree view of members health, fitness and wellbeing and gives them support, tools and advice from world leading experts to help them to maximise every element of their mind, body and soul.