Power Plate Shakes Up Group Exercise

COLOGNE, Germany (April 3, 2014) – Power Plate has introduced the world's first whole body vibration system for group fitness. The Power Plate pro6+ unveiled today at the FIBO 2014 Global Fitness, Wellness & Health Expo in Cologne Germany, is specifically designed for small and large group training. Combining the proven effectiveness and fun of Power Plate whole-body vibration training with one of the fastest growing sectors in the fitness industry, the Power Plate pro6+ provides club operators with a new, attention-grabbing way to capitalize on the popularity of social exercise.

The Power Plate pro6+ features an interactive 4.3-inch touch screen monitor specifically designed for easy-to-follow use in instructor-led classes. It also has Power Plate's patented embedded proMotion cable system for enhanced upper body work and an unbeatable total body workout.

Power Plate's industry leading technology, using patented advanced dual-synch drive system with tri-planar vibration, destabilizes the body and triggers a natural reflex response. As the body works to regain stability, approximately 95 percent of all muscle fibers become engaged in any single movement, significantly amplifying the effectiveness of any exercise performed on the plate. Research has also proven this reflex response stimulates the body's natural production of regenerative growth hormones that help tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, energy and metabolism.

Touted by celebrities including Claudia Schiffer, Mark Wahlberg, Courtney Cox, Clint Eastwood, Cindy Crawford, Sting and Madonna, among many others, Power Plate has been linked to a wide range of health and wellness benefits, from strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss to improved circulation, pain reduction, detoxification and stress alleviation. Around the world, more than 100 professional and Olympic sports teams, and dozens of collegiate sports organizations, train on Power Plate equipment to enhance performance and recovery, as do professional golfers including Lee Westwood and Jesper Parnevek, and tennis stars Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal. In many countries, physicians and other medical professionals use Power Plate to treat symptoms of conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, to pain management, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. The Power Plate pro6+ is one of the newest models among a broad line of Power Plate products that includes five commercial models and three home models.

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Power Plate® is owned, manufactured and distributed by Northbrook, Ill.-based Performance Health Systems LLC, a global company delivering advanced technology solutions through its health and wellness equipment. In addition to its category defining Power Plate® line, the company has attracted international attention for bioDensity, a breakthrough osteogenic loading system which provides a non-pharmaceutical approach to bone loss and has been scientifically linked to exceptional bone growth among populations ranging from high-performance athletes to health-compromised seniors. To learn more, visit PHSGlobal.com.