The Gray Institute® to Incorporate Power Plate® Vibration Training and Certification into Its Educational Program

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (August 17, 2015) – Today Performance Health Systems announced a partnership to officially incorporate Power Plate® advanced whole body vibration and Power Plate training certifications within The Gray Institute® education program. As the global leader in whole body vibration technology, Power Plate redefines optimal health and wellness equipment for every age and ability.

"As far as we're concerned, the Power Plate is one of the most unique and powerful environments we can utilise for our patients and clients to enhance their function" said Dr. Gary Gray, FAFS, PT, CEO and Founder of the world-renown Gray Institute.

The Gray Institute is the world's foremost authority of Applied Functional Science®. This information and education is delivered in a variety of formats, including the institute's video library, exercise library, live events, certifications, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and other functional products and equipment. The Gray Institute exists to influence the lives of others through movement, setting the movement industry standards with over 30 years of research.

"This partnership aligns perfectly with Power Plate's educational pathways," said Dr. Rich Colosi, Senior Director of Medical Specialties and Education for Performance Health Systems. "Similar to the Gray Institute's educational goals, Power Plate strives to educate and enhance the quality of life for others through movement. Power Plate provides the vehicle of whole body vibration to replicate an authentic environment taking movement to the next level."

Engineered to apply the science behind a body's ability to respond to changes in the natural environment, Power Plate's vibrating platform triggers rapid reflexive muscle contractions through our proprioceptors. This activation helps to improve functional performance, gait and locomotion, balance, range of motion, circulation and stability by amplifying the effects of any exercise or movement performed on the equipment. Power Plate's vibrating surface vibrates 25-50 times per second, resulting in corresponding muscle activation. This means you can accelerate acquisition and retention of skills associated with movement at a rapid rate.

Power Plate can also be found at thousands of health clubs, wellness facilities and spas, and is used by therapists and doctors worldwide to address symptoms associated with physical limitations in muscular skeletal dysfunction. Hundreds of professional, collegiate and national sports teams rely on Power Plate to help their athletes to prepare, condition and recover to be able to perform their best. For additional information on Power Plate advanced whole body vibration equipment, including a list of health clubs, studios, medical facilities and retailers at which it can be found, visit or call 877- 877–5283. For further information on the classes offered by The Gray Institute, visit

Performance Health Systems LLC, headquartered in Northbrook, Ill., specializes in delivering advanced technology solutions through its health and wellness equipment. In addition to its category-defining Power Plate line, the company has attracted international attention in recent months for bioDensity, an osteogenic loading system which provides a non-pharmaceutical approach to bone and muscle loss and has been scientifically linked to dramatic bone growth among populations ranging from high-performance athletes to compromised, elderly individuals.

The Gray Institute is internationally acclaimed for its innovation, development, mastery, and delivery of Applied Functional Science. A culmination of over 30 years of research and study has led to The Gray Institute setting the movement industry standards.