The Power Plate Behind the Cup: Blackhawks ‘Secret’ Training Weapon Revealed

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (June 25, 2013) – Beyond the natural skill and explosive power of Jonathan Toews and company, trainers point to a "secret" weapon in the arsenal which contributed to the Chicago Blackhawks' second Stanley Cup in the last four years. Like more than 100 professional, collegiate and Olympic sports teams around the world, the Blackhawks rely on Power Plate® advanced whole-body vibration training as a pivotal part of their fitness and recovery regimens. The Hawks continue a streak of Power Plate users winning major championships in recent weeks, including tennis stars Raphael Nadal and Serena Williams at the French Open, and pro golfer Justin Rose at the U.S. Open.

The same patented Power Plate technology which stretches, strengthens and gets high-performance athletes in championship shape, is available to anyone looking for state-of-the-art in-home exercise equipment. Power Plate can also be found at thousands of health clubs, wellness facilities and spas, and is used by therapists and doctors worldwide to treat symptoms of conditions including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

Drawing upon the science behind a body's natural response to vibration, Power Plate's central vibrating platform triggers reflexive muscle contractions which amplify the effects of any exercise or movement performed on the equipment. Floor-based push-ups, squats, lunges, abdominal crunches and other conventional exercises, which typically engage only 40 percent of a person's muscle fibers, engage up to 95 percent when done on Power Plate. This means Power Plate users can accomplish in a 10 or 15 minute workout what traditionally takes an hour.

Touted by celebrities including Claudia Schiffer, Mark Wahlberg, Courtney Cox, Clint Eastwood, Cindy Crawford, Sting and Madonna, among many others, Power Plate has been linked to a wide range of health and wellness benefits, from strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss to improved circulation, pain reduction, detoxification, stress alleviation, and even cellulite reduction.

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Performance Health Systems LLC, headquartered in Northbrook, Ill., specializes in delivering advanced technology solutions through its health and wellness equipment. In addition to its category-defining Power Plate line, the company has attracted international attention in recent months for bioDensity, an osteogenic loading system which provides a non-pharmaceutical approach to bone and muscle loss and has been scientifically linked to dramatic bone growth among populations ranging from high-performance athletes to compromised, elderly individuals. To learn more, visit