Why Power Plate

Pioneers in Vibration Technology
Power Plate has been recognized as the world leader in the whole body vibration category for over 21 years with patented Advanced Vibration technology that oscillates in three (3) planes (up and down, side to side, and front to back). When Power Plate was introduced in 1999, we ignited a global health and fitness revolution by redefining exercise.

Our mission has always been to offer the most technologically advanced, easy-to-use, non-invasive fitness equipment that provides a multitude of benefits for users of diverse ages and physical conditions.

Power Plate is the BEST-IN-CLASS equipment that is:

Trusted by the World’s Best: Empowering Clubs, Olympians, Pro Sports Teams, Coaches, Medical and Rehab Facilities, and Millions of Other Users in 100+ Countries

Globally Accredited Education and Training Programs, with the Largest Global Whole Body Vibration Master Trainer Network

Equipment of Choice for Whole Body Vibration Research, with the Largest Database of Research Studies and Education

Research Proven to Help People Look, Feel, and Live Better

State-of-the-Art Engineering: Quality with Patented Durable DualSync™ Twin Motor system and PrecisionWave™ Technology

Unique Patented, Embedded proMotion™ Upper Body Training System and 3D Patented Vibration with Multi-Directional Movement

The Power Plate Difference

No other equipment brand in the world has earned these 3 combined medical accreditations;