Power Plate REV® ’s VibeShift™ Technology Receives Utility Patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Performance Health Systems, the owner of Power Plate®, the global leader in advanced technology vibration solutions is proud to announce that Power Plate®’s revolutionary VibeShift™  Technology, available exclusively on the Power Plate REV™, the world’s first successful vibrating indoor cycle, has received a Utility Patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Inspired by elite cyclists of the Paris-Roubaix, tour VibeShift Technology enables the Power Plate REV to provide the scientifically proven benefits of vibration in an indoor cycling modality. This type of training has never been possible until now.

The newly patented VibeShift Technology delivers safe, precise, repeatable, user-controlled and user-generated mechanical vibration through the pedals to increase muscle activation, oxygen uptake, calorie burn, and cardiovascular effort. This, in turn, enhances cardio, strength, and wellness benefits in a minimum amount of time.

“As the world’s leader in vibration technology, we are constantly innovating with an eye toward the future of fitness and wellness providing the industry with revolutionary solutions to and new modalities to deliver the benefits of vibration training. Power Plate users achieve better results faster and enjoy the experience every time,” said Lee Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems, manufacturer of Power Plate. “Our patented VibeShift Technology exemplifies that tenfold. Now health clubs, community recreation facilities, hotels, apartment complexes, and fitness facilities everywhere can offer an extremely efficient and effective, innovative technology-driven experience that delivers better results from significantly shorter training sessions – and know that it’s validated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.”

Users can shift the mode of the bike from standard to vibration mode with the simple press of a lever. Vibration intensity can also be controlled by the rider to fit their specific needs and ability, making it ideal for all demographics. From those looking for a low intensity wellness session to those training at elite levels and everyone in between, all users will benefit from vibration-enhanced training on the Power Plate REV.

The REV also offers six levels of resistance, a built-in Heart Rate Monitor, and an Intuitive Digital Display and Vectus True Release Pedals.

“Our team is looking forward to helping fitness and wellness providers leverage the REV’s innovative training experience to excite and delight their members and clients and to create unique secondary revenue streams through its proprietary programming,” said Hillman. “REV also integrates perfectly with other training modalities on the gym floor for added variety and flexibility of use.”

The Power Plate REV is available at specialty fitness retailers and online in the U.S. at powerplate.com and in the U.K. at powerplate.co.uk.