Jason Bradbury

TV Presenter

"I test high-tech gadgets for a living. I can honestly say that the Power Plate machine blew me away. Exercising on its vibrating platform once every two to three days for about forty minutes gave me visible results within a matter of weeks. In my opinion, this is the most significant development in home fitness I've ever seen - not only did my shoulders, my abs and my biceps become visibly more defined (and larger) but I was stronger all over. And it's fun, really fun - there's something about the novelty of the design that keeps you coming back. I found that the technology behind the Power Plate machine meant I got a lot more from my work out in a much quicker time. You can even warm up, stretch and massage down after your work-out, which helps motivate you to get up and at it. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone seeking a fast and effective way to build up strength and fitness."

- Jason Bradbury / TV Presenter