Mark Wahlberg:

"I've been a satisfied customer for over a decade, so I decided to get involved in spreading awareness about their game-changing products."

Power Plate Key Benefits

  • Increase Strength & Stability
  • Improve Flexibility and Balance
  • Better Circulation
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Recover Faster
  • Reduce Body Fat and Enhance Metabolism 

Power Plate | Mark Wahlberg's 2:30 AM Club Morning Workout With Power Plate

Mark's Favorites

Whole Body Vibration

When working on your fitness, training on Power Plate is a quick and efficient option. As the platform gently vibrates below you, your core is constantly challenged, increasing muscle activity and strength. Increasing your strength and fitness decreases your risk of injury.

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Power Plate | Mark Wahlberg Pulse + MOVE

Mark's Favorites

Targeted Vibration Products

Our line of targeted vibration products are for all ages and fitness levels and can help aide in recovery and pain reduction, relax tight and sore muscles, improve blood flow, enhance healing…and so much more. Uses range from tight calves on runners and cyclists to alleviating back and neck pain from too many hours in front of the computer.

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Why Power Plate?

Because…actually it is rocket science…
Whole body vibration technology was first used and researched in the former Soviet Union during the 1960’s to prepare their cosmonauts for space and to combat muscle atrophy. Power Plate is on the cutting edge of fitness and health technology and has the ability to unlock potential in anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re 18 or 80, training with Power Plate will give you greater results while demanding less time.

Pioneers in Vibration Technology
Power Plate has been recognized as the world leader in the whole body vibration category for over 21 years with patented Advanced Vibration technology that oscillates in three (3) planes (up and down, side to side, and front to back). When Power Plate was introduced in 1999, we ignited a global health and fitness revolution by redefining exercise.

Our mission has always been to offer the most technologically advanced, easy-to-use, non-invasive fitness equipment that provides a multitude of benefits for users of diverse ages and physical conditions.

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