When it comes to the sports atmosphere, we acknowledge that athletic and human performance is priority. Power Plate technologies help deliver optimised results in less time.

Power Plate is used and trusted by teams like the Worcester Warriors and Manchester United, as well as celebrities and athletes like Mark Wahlberg and Serena Williams.

Power Plate's high quality Whole Body Vibration technology triggers a response to destabilisation that creates a mind and body reaction that is difficult to achieve any other way.

The portable Targeted Vibration Products will help you warm-up during pre-workout routines and release muscles for enhanced recovery.


⦿ Optimise Exercises through Whole Body Vibration

⦿ Gain More Results in Less Time

⦿ Improve Stability and Posture

⦿ Improve Explosive Sport Performance

⦿ Enhance Sports-Injury Rehabilitation

⦿ Recover Faster

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Whole Body Vibration

Resources and Case Studies for Athletic Performance Optimisation

Power Plate® Training Useful After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Power Plate Training Improves Proprioception and Balance More Than Conventional Training in Athletes Who Have Undergone ACL Reconstruction.

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Strength Gains and Higher Jumps with Power Plate® Training

Research Shows Power Plate Training Results in Strength Gains and Improved Vertical Jump Height in 12 Weeks.

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Precision: Why Medical and Sports- Performance Professionals Prefer Power Plate

When the body makes a neurological change in motor learning/skill development, precise repetition is required and with whole body vibration, vibration precision is key to effectiveness.

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"The vibration training and therapy equipment from Power Plate have been excellent helping in our daily training and pre-match preparation at Warriors" –David Fabricius, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Worcester Warriors

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