Power Plate Teams Up With Myzone For a New Exercise Experience

Power Plate has teamed up with Myzone to provide its community with new class experiences and the opportunity to offer rewards based on effort, every time they move.  As the global leader in whole body vibration, Power Plate is embracing Myzone’s MZ-Remote platform to host classes live online in addition to using MZ-Instruct to educate communities in the gym. Together these initiatives are set to bring big benefits to class participants’ strength, endurance, circulation, mobility, bone health and weight loss goals.

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Power Plate partners with Xcelerate Gyms


Power Plate and Xcelerate Gyms work together to offer a full recovery service to members across all sites. Power Plate has worked closely in partnership with Xcelerate Gyms to develop a new pioneering recovery room, bespoke to the brand, supporting the clubs strategy to empower all members irrespective of their fitness levels and help them unlock their potential. Each site will incorporate a recovery room and depending on size and layout they will have three package options.

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